April 29, 2014

New blog!!

hello my friends!! We are married and so happy!! We started a new blog now that we are a 'we' you can find us by following the link below:)

Love you all!

April 3, 2014

cute brantley

      Something I love about Brantley is that he loves to make me feel loved :) 
Here are some examples of the cute things he does: 

He did this one today while I was getting napkins ^^^ 

I love these little things! He is a gem and I am so lucky. 

Tonight he is playing basketball in Idaho Falls and I miss him. 

count it down.


Brantley and I get married in exactly two weeks.


Oh my goodness gracious this is so exciting.  

So here's the plan: 

Get through this week
Enjoy General Conference- My first time actually going!! I can't wait- thanks mom
Brantley and I are going to rock finals 
Move out
Fly to Kansas April 12th
Endowments April 15th
Gettin married April 17th

Oh YEAH!!! 

I can't wait to marry my best friend!

March 27, 2014


 I'm waving:)

Yesterday I had my university band concert.  I have loved being in band this semester, but it was so weird not having my dad there because he has been so involved in by band involvement since 5th grade.  I talked with him right before my concert and felt more normal haha. I was so grateful for my roommates and Anna and Kent and Brantley and his parents for coming to support me. :)

 Brantley and I upheld the tradition my family has of ice cream after band concerts :)

March 2, 2014

Slam Dunk

A few weeks ago, Brantley was in the 3 point shoot out competition for BYU-Idaho!!

He was one of 4 who competed out of a ton who tried out! I am a proud fiancee. 

Anna and Kent were there!

So were Deridee and Todd :)

Brantley didn't win, but we were so proud of him anyways! 
I LOVE Deridee's button (it's Brantley)

I love my man. I am so proud of him!


Found these beauties today. 

These were taken at our Lagoon date in Utah! 

That was a fun day :)